E-cigarette safety: The facts explained

Author: Craig Jackman   Date Posted:2 November 2017 

The scare tactics used by the media continues to grow, casting a dark shadow on the vaping industry.  The reality is that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking and there is nothing that anyone can say to take away from that fact.

I was previously a 60 per day smoker.  I was at the stage in my life where I would wake at night, every night, coughing up copiuos amounts of flem.  On a number of occassions when waking up at the early hour I was literally struggling to breath...it is not a nice feeling, in fact it would scare me - shitless.

Vaping for me has changed all of that! I no longer have the late night breathing issues, and in fact I can now run up to 12km's in any given training session and I breath like I have never had a cigarette at all.  Dont get me wrong, vaping isnt for everyone BUT I do encourage anyone that smokes to give it a go.  It is cheaper than a packet of cigarettes so make the investment today!

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