Boundless Glass Mouthpiece For TERA


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Great for those conscious about hygiene when sharing your Boundless aromatherapy device with others.

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Walter Chillum
Failing mouthpieces spoil the show? The Boundless Tax.

The Boundless Tera V4 depends on a screened intake to prevent loose material hitting your tongue or worse...your lungs.

The mouthpiece consists of an extended grommet which the screen sits in. And therein lies the problem as the grommet is made of rubber which gradually perishes as it it subjected to high temperatures.

So how long does the mouthpiece last? Around four weeks is my best guess and I’ve tested the problem with several mouthpieces.

So if you do the math that’s around $600 per year and that’s outrageous. What makes matters worse is that you can buy replacement screens but not replacement grommets. And the plastic mouthpiece (with the same grommet) lasts less than a week. So in effect the Boundless Tera is hamstrung by a substandard part which is the mouthpiece.

As such I have to invoke the legal concept of “Caveat Emptor”…let the buyer beware!

I really hope that these comments are passed onto Boundless as the vaper is great except for the mouthpiece.

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