Demon Killer Wire


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Demon Killer Special Wire Rolls features an intuitive way to experiment with exotic coil configurations, featuring distinctive heating elements in different sizes and structures. It is packed in a spool of 15 Feet along with available cotton, designed to bring a unique building experience. It comes in a plethora of options, ranging from twisted, fused, and flat, all machine twisted for a precise weave and high consistency throughout each spool. The Demon Killer Special Wire Rolls are perfect for rebuilding atomisers.

Product Configurations:

Comes in a Spool of 15 Feet

Includes Organic Cotton

Protective Packaging Box


Quad Wire – 4*28 GA

Flat Twisted Wire – 0.2*0.8*2

Mix Twisted 0.2*0.8+26GA

Weight10.0 g

Clapton Wire – 24G/32G, Clapton Wire – 26G/30G, Clapton Wire – 26G/32G, Flat Twisted Wire – 0.2 X 0.8 X 2, Fused Clapton Wire – 2 X 28G/32G, Hive Wire – 30G/30G X 2, Mix Twisted – 0.2 X 0.8 + 26G, Quad Wire – 4 X 28G

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