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Wanting something with a bit more surface area, maybe even a little less resistance than your regular aliens? These stapled coils from Cloud Revolution are the way to go!

Staples are produced differently from an alien coil, instead of the de-cored clapton wrapped around multiple strands of core wire, the wrap is a single high guage of wire that is wrapped around many ribbon wire cores. This results in even higher surface area, and flavour that’s off the heckin’ chain.

Framed staples take it a bit further, still made like a staple but with the added ‘claptonisation’ of a large guage of round wire and finally claptoned across the top with a further thin guage. Fraliens as you might have guessed are a sweet blend of framing and alien-ing!

Sounds like a lot of work right? Well, no need for all that with Cloud Revolution on the case. These coils are handmade in Australia, just up the road from our Melbourne warehouse, and made with Sandvik (or equivalent quality) wire to ensure purity of the highest degree.

We’d recommend trying a set for yourself over your next multipack of China wire, and getting the six months of use we get off one set! Keep them nice and clean with a dry burn and rinse once a week, and you’ll find these work out cheaper over time!

Framed Staples

The lovechild of fused claptons and stapled coils, these bad boys are a customer favourite!

Coil Specs:

Core: 2 x 28g Nichrome 80

Fuse: 40g Nichrome 80 ‘claptoned’

5 Wraps with 3mm Internal Diameter

Resistance: Single Coil: 0.24 Ohm / Dual Coil: 0.12 Ohm

Staple Coils

Designed to make the jump from subohm tanks to rebuildables that much easier. Andy’s such a nice dude <3

Do not add extra wraps on these. They have no frame to keep the ribbon in place and the ribbon stack is prone to collapsing if extra wraps are added.

Coil Specs:

Core: 8 x 0.3×0.1mm Nichrome 80 Ribbon

Fuse: 40g Nichrome 80

7 Wraps with 3mm Internal Diameter

Resistance: Single Coil: 0.4 Ohm / Dual Coil: 0.2 Ohm


More cores, more flavour. They ain’t starting with ‘flav’ for nothing.

Coil Specs:

Core: 10 x 0.3mm Nichrome 80 Ribbon

Frame: 2 x 30g Nichrome 80

Fuse (Outer Wrap): 36g Nichrome 80

5 wraps with a 3mm Inner Diameter

Single Coil Resistance: 0.22 / Dual Coil Resistance: 0.11

What’s in the box:

2 x Your Chosen Handmade Cloud Revolution Coils

Coil Type

Flavliens, Framed Staples, Staple Coils

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas F

Great flavour and massive clouds!!! Love these coils

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