Mango Blood by SadBoy


Mango Blood by SadBoy Bloodline 60ml is what happens when you squeeze enough juicy, citrusy blood out of freshly picked and oh-so ripe mangoes and turn them into an ejuice so magnificently flavourful, you’ll feel faint with pleasure whenever you take a pull. They have really turned up the boldness on this one, giving your palate something more intense than the rest.


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The moment enough vapor lands on your tongue, that titillatingly exotic juice gets to work on the taste buds, making each one quiver in a state of absolute submission. Its brightness simply excites. Slowly, devilishly sweet notes emerge from those natural sugars, making your entire mouth shake with intense pleasure. Finally, get ready to feel deeply refreshed in every sense of the word.

For an e liquid that can makes your palate scream while getting washed in bright and beautiful succulent nectar, make sure your box mod has this flavourful delight ready to go. Don’t just take our word for it – try it out as an ADV and you won’t be sorry.

Bottle Size – 60ml/100ml
VG/PG: 75/25
Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours.
Does not contain nicotine.


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