Trouble Shooting Tips and Tricks

Vape4Life Trouble Shooting Tips and Tricks

Before you contact us to request a return please try troubleshooting first.

Listed below you will find some suggested solutions for common issues and we do encourage you to try these before contacting us. Returning a device can be costly and time consuming so we do encourage you to read your user manual, do a Google/YouTube search and try some trouble shooting actions before seeking a return.

If you return a device that is not proven to be faulty the customer will be responsible for all postage costs.



Check your seals and make sure that your tank is fastened together properly (including the top cap/lid). Make sure all threads are in sync and closed firmly (but not too tight). If you find one of the seals (O-rings) is damaged, you will need to replace it with one of the spares you received in the original box.

Ensure that you are only filling your tank in the correct way – i.e. not straight down the chimney or mouth piece (drip tip). It is also recommended that you close your airflow when filling your tank. We also recommend keeping your airflow closed if your device is sitting unused for any lengthy periods of time.

Try and keep your tank upright. Some tanks don’t enjoy being laid sideways for long periods of time so try and keep your tank in an upright position where possible. Your tank will also be prone to leaking if you leave it for a long period of time without the top cap fastened.

Make sure that your device has not been left in a hot place. E-liquid becomes thinner in the hot weather and leaving a device unattended for long periods of time in the heat can cause leaking.

Larger coils, referred to as sub-ohm coils, can be more prone to leaking if you are using an e-liquid that is higher in Propylene Glycol (PG). PG is a thinner liquid and it is recommended that you use an e-liquid with 70% or higher Vegetable Glycerine (VG) content when vaping on a sub-ohm tank.

It’s not impossible for a coil to be faulty. They are mass produced and occasionally there can be one that’s slightly damaged. If you have ensured that your tank is securely put together and all seals are in good working order – trying a new coil might fix the problem.

Empty your tank before going on a plane! A change of air pressure can force e-liquid out of your tank.


Refer to your user’s manual for instructions on how to turn your device on. Some devices require you to click the fire button 3, 4 or 5 times. Ensure that you are clicking the button in a relatively quick paced and even succession and that you have not activated a ‘stealth mode’ on your device.

Check that your device/batteries are charged. For devices with an inbuilt battery, ensure that the indicator light comes on when plugged in to show that it is in charge mode. It is always recommended to only use the charging cable that is supplied by the manufacturer as this ensures that it is putting out the correct amount of power for your device. Your warranty may be void if you are using a different cable.

For devices that have external batteries, pop your batteries onto your external battery charger to check that they are charged.

Check that your batteries are inserted in the correct way. For external battery devices, 99% of times there are markings on the battery area to show the positive and negative ends.

Try a different set of batteries. It’s not impossible for batteries to fail so try another set of batteries.

Check to see if there is a firmware update available for your device.


Check for connection issues. The terminal (referred to as the 510 connector) between your battery and tank needs to be kept clean. Use a cotton bud or rolled up piece of tissue to remove any built-up gunk or vape juice.

Check your atomiser. Carefully look at where the tank and the device are joined to see if the tank is sitting crooked or if it isn’t screwed in all the way. A crooked tank is most commonly caused by the device being dropped, knocked or carried around in your pocket. It can be possible to repair a crooked tank but, in most cases, it’s time for a new tank.

Check your coil. Ensure that your coil is screwed in correctly and that is no debris between the bottom of the coil and the base of the tank as this can cause a connection failure. Do no screw your coil in too tight – firm is enough.

Check that your tank is not screwed on too tightly on your mod.

Check if your coil needs replacing. Coils can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Again, it’s not impossible to have a faulty coil so you if have tried all of the other trouble shooting suggestions and your device still won’t read your coil, trying a different coil is the best option.


It’s possible that your coil has become flooded. Hold your device tightly in your hand and flick it in a downward motion towards the floor as this will cause any excess juice to be forced out of the coil. If you are doing this inside, it is suggested you hold a tissue over the mouth piece to catch any loose liquid.

Make sure you are vaping within the recommended wattage range for the coil. If your wattage is set too low for the coil it could possibly cause it to not vaporise the e-liquid properly.

Do you have the right tank for you? If you have purchased a Direct To Lung (DTL) tank but are vaping in a Mouth To Lung (MTL) style, this can result in not enough airflow for the coil and the liquid not vaporising properly. If you have purchased a MTL tank, it is also possible that you are inhaling harder than what the tank can handle and you may be better suited to a DTL tank which allows you to inhale more.


Does your coil need replacing? Coils don’t last forever and when they have reached the end of their life, they can give off an unpleasant burnt taste.

Did you prime your coil?

It’s really important to make sure your coil is primed properly before you first fire the device. To achieve this, you can follow these simple instructions:

  • Drip e-liquid directly onto any exposed cotton in the coil until the cotton appears saturated.
  • Refit the coil and fill your tank with e-liquid
  • Allow to sit for a few minutes to soak
  • Take a few ‘Primer Puffs’ by pulling on the atomiser as if you were vaping but WITHOUT firing the device
  • If your device has adjustable power, turn it to a low setting at first and slowly turn the power up to your preferred level.
  • Take it easy for the first few puffs – taking long puffs on a new coil can cause the cotton to burn.

Does your tank have enough liquid? On most tanks you can see the wicking holes through the glass and it’s best to have enough e-liquid in the tank to cover those holes.

Are you vaping within the recommended wattage range? Every coil, regardless of size or brand, will have the recommended wattage range engraved on the actual coil. Always stay within the recommended range – exceeding the manufacturers recommendations can cause your cotton to burn.



Store your bottles of e-liquid in a cool, dark and dry environment. Exposure to heat, UV and oxygen can cause e-liquid to darken over time.

Leaving e-liquid in your tank without using it for a period of time can cause the e-liquid to darken.

Higher levels of nicotine will result in the nicotine oxidising faster and will cause your e-liquid to darker more quickly.

Make sure your tank is clean as any residue from old e-liquid can affect the new juice in the tank. 



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