MoliCel P26A 18650 Battery 2600mah 25A


Molicel are for vaping, just ask them yourselves. They’re into safe batteries for vapers, and the offering we have for you goes above and beyond not just in safety, but in capacity and performance well above many of the other widely available cells in the market. Read on for more info!

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The MoliCel P26A 18650 vape battery is designed to offer a balance between power and capacity. It features a 2600mAh capacity and a 25A continuous discharge.

MoliCel batteries are officially authorised for vaping/e-cigarette use.

Please note that this product is sold as a single battery.


Rated Capacity: 2.6Ah (Typical), 2.5Ah (Minimum)

Rated Discharge: constant 0.52A discharge until 2.5V at 23C

Rated Charge: Limiting 2.6A and constant 4.2V charge for 1.5 hours or 50mA at 23C

Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

Shipping Voltage: >3.45V (approximate state of charge on arrival <30%)

Internal Resistance: ≤ 20mΩ (measured by AC impedance at 1kHz)

End of Charge Voltage: 4.20±0.05V

End of Discharge Voltage: 2.5V

Charging Time: approximately 90 minutes

Maximum Charging Current: 6A

Maximum Discharging Current: 35A (this is NOT continuous)

Operating Temperature:

Charging: 0~60C

Discharging: -40~60 oC

Storage Temperature: <35C, recommended <23C for long term storage

What’s in the case:

1 x Molicel P26A 18650 Battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrea Acton

As with everything I get from Vape4life my new battery charger is cool and very efficient

Mark Angus
Reliable and long life

These batteries have always proven to be long lasting and reliable.

Absolutely Great

Love it the flavor is great the mod is great lasts all day very comfortable in the hands no complaints

Nick L
Great batteries

Solid batteries with great discharging times. My GeekVape AEGIS Legend 2 gets powered for almost a whole week before recharging with these weapons.


MoliCel P26A 18650 Battery 2600mah 25A

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